What Do We Offer?

Dahlquist Machine is the premier American precision machining company with over 32 state-of-the-art computer numerical control (CNC) mills and lathes. Conveniently located in a northern suburb of Minneapolis, Dahlquist Machine produces high-quality products with 100% on-time delivery.
Parts Storage

Inventory Management

We have multiple ways to help you with inventory management. Contact us to discuss the options that might work for you.


Friendly Professional Customer Service

Our friendly professional staff will exceed your expectations. Many customers have rewarded us for our outstanding service with ``Supplier of the Year`` awards.

Green Tag Guarantee

Green Tag Guarantee

Choose the Dahlquist Difference and get our Green Tag guarantee on every part we create for you.


on-time delivery
sq ft
high-tech facility
years of experience

Our Values

Respect for Environment

We use the most energy energy effiecent machines available. Our building is 100% geothermal for heating and cooling.


We have delivered 100% on time for over 25 years.


We are constantly looking for better and faster ways to machine and inspect parts.


If your demands change we will work with you to deliver parts as you need them.

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